A Nigerian man reportedly killed his friend because of a toothbrush. According to reports, Ghanaian policemen have arrested a Nigerian man identified as Marvelous Okere for murder. The incident was said to have occurred at the Nungua beach drive area around 9am on Saturday, April 30. 26-year-old Okere allegedly killed his friend Sunday Orga, after an argument over a toothbrush. Okere had reportedly borrowed late Orga’s toothbrush to use, and never returned it. Both men had gotten in a fight, which resulted in Okere angrily grabbing an empty wine bottle, breaking it and stabbing Orga in the head and back. Orga had been rushed to the LEKMA hospital for treatment, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Prior to the incident, Okere and Orga shared a room with five other Nigerians, as they had only arrived Ghana from Nigeria two weeks earlier. Hmmm…Na wa oo!