1.A way of breeding emotions: Having a best friend boy means emotions would set in at some point or the other. Ladies make the men the dumping ground for their emotional issues and this is unfair on the guys. It is difficult for the men to give their unbiased opinions in certain cases as they could use the opportunity to express their heart felt desires to the ladies. 2.Friends with benefit: Having a best friend that is a male means you could be tempted to do things you ought not to do with him. You are most likely to become friends with benefit. It is a convenient arrangement for both of you as he knows you are in a relationship and you do not need to remind him of it anytime your original boo is around. It is easy to cheat on your boyfriend with your bestie 3.Its create competition between him and your boyfriend: While your boyfriend want all the attention he could get from you, it is really difficult for him to do so as there is a best friend who assumes his position and knows so many things about him. This would create a feeling of insecurity in your boyfriend and would make him breed contempt for the best friend boy that is stealing his show. 4.The relationship may not last: Girls are more attracted to their best friends that are boys because there would always be a point of connection between them. The best friend could be funny, witty and smart; most of these best friends have qualities that the main boyfriends do not possess. The girls enjoy chatting and texting their best friends even when they are with their boyfriends. This could cause them to split at the long run. 5. Moment of vulnerability: Having to cry on a male best friend’s shoulder also means there is a dick to ride on. We all know how this works; women who are hurt by their boyfriends turn to their best friends for comfort. Most times, they are weak and vulnerable and one thing could lead to the other. He starts by rubbing your back and wiping your tears, you start to kiss and you know what happens next. 6.The best friend becomes a measuring stick: Many ladies use their best friends as a measuring stick when weighing the behavior of their boyfriends. It should be known that every guy has his own demons; most ladies do not see the flaws of their best friends yet they condemn their boyfriends. 7:. The helplessness experienced when the best friends get engaged: There is usually a problem when the best friends go into a relationship or become engaged. Ladies become jealous and obsessed. This is a tough time for most ladies as they do not like the idea of sharing their best friends with any other woman.