Sean Tizzle has come out to address the controversial song theft accusations leveled against him by Sound Sultan on the single ‘Sho lee’ in 2013. Speaking out about it in an interview with HFtv Africa, Tizzle was quoted as saying “I write my stuff, Some part of the song was recorded when I was with him, and when I left, I decided to finish it and drop it as a single. So he came back and said he wrote the song.” Sean Tizzle said Sound sultan made that comment because of a long time issue they had.

Sean unapologetically stuck with his opinion  saying “It’s my own opinion which I have a right to,” he said, adding that people can say whatever they want to.On whether he would return to Twitter following all the drama, he affirmed that he would, adding that the platform is his ‘home’ and only left to get work done.

The 2013 Headies Next Rated award winner also revealed that his album would be released in September 2016.

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