Mixed reactions have trailed the recent pronouncement by the Minister of information, Lai Mohammed that Nigerian artistes and movie makers have been allegedly banned from shooting videos outside Nigeria. Stakeholders in the industry feel the law will definitely not favour them as proper infrastructures have not yet been put in place for this kind of law to be made. At the Creative Nigeria Summit held in Eko Hotel & Suites on Wednesday, 18th of July, 2017, the Minister decided to address the issue.  “ I said that I would work to amend the National Broadcasting Commission’s code to ensure that if a product is designated a Nigerian product, it must be produced in Nigeria. I didn’t say that henceforth, all music videos and films will be produced in Nigeria, or that the production of music videos or films outside Nigeria will be banned. He said,   He went further to state that while he intends to create a million jobs in the country, he won’t be able to do that if the jobs in Nigeria are being exported to other countries. To him, it is not a must that every video should be shot in Nigeria, but if the content is aimed at being regarded as a Nigerian content to be consumed by the Nigerian market, then it will not be allowed to be shot outside Nigeria and he will ensure that the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) rules and regulations be adjusted to cover this new development. Watch the video for his statement below;