The incident that occurred at Kazakhstan’s capital Almaty was caught on CCTV cameras and later made public. The scene starts with the woman walking into the shop with a lit cigarette quickly followed by the security quard. Next moment the man tells her that smoking is banned inside the premises but she is not ready to surrender without a fight. The guard is trying to drag her out of the room, he picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, and carries her outside. However, minutes later she comes back with a cup of water in her hand and splashes it right in his face. She then takes of her top and throws it at the man reportedly saying: “Now try to lay your hands on me, I’ll see you in court if you do!” The topless woman is seen approaching the confused guard with her breasts on display. The man has nothing to do but to pick her top up trying to cover her modesty and eventually ushering the rowdy visitor out of the building. The identities of the security guard and the woman remain unknown. Local police have not commented on the incident and it’s unclear whether the girl was detained for her behaviour or not. Watch video: