Civil Servants of Nigeria have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to reverse all the alleged illegal recruitments conducted during the administration of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan. Warning that they may go on strike over the matter, the union during the administration of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan also demanded an increase in their salaries because of “the declining value of the naira.” The statemenr said while cases of illegal recruitments into the service had continued to rise, the FCSC had allegedly destroyed the recruitment process into the civil service on the flimsy excuse of acting on the directive from higher quarters to grant waivers to some states. He said, “Our take is that the commission cannot continue to hide under the guise of spurious waivers for some disadvantaged states to import and impose unqualified and incompetent persons into the federal public service over and above qualified serving officers. “Cases abound in the service of some officers who were appointed to positions without the requisite qualifications, as provided for in the scheme of service, FCSC guidelines on appointment, promotion and discipline, public service rules and establishment circulars. Graduates with eight to 12 years post-graduation experience are being appointed as directors. It is as bad as that. “We have made our case known to the commission and the Presidency on this vexed issue and we are still waiting for a reversal of all illegal recruitments made in the past five years in order to return sanity into the system. We make bold to say that if the reversal is not effected as being demanded, the ASCSN will have no alternative than to adopt other trade union measures to seek redress.” On pay increase, ASCSN said that although no amount had been fixed, the organised labour movement, including the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria and the Nigeria Labour Congress, had set up two committees to determine the percentage. Continuing, the group said: “What we collect as salaries can no longer take us to the bus stop, let alone take us home. We have endured for so long and it is time for the government to look into our direction. “We are, therefore, calling on the Federal Government to enter into negotiation with labour with a view to creating a new salary regime that will be realistic enough to improve the quality of lives of workers and at the same time bridge the salary gap between the core civil service and other sub-sectors of the federal public service,” “TUC will collect theirs and the NLC will collect theirs. We will then come together and harmonise our positions and come up with one demand that we will present to the government because the salaries review are long overdue. It is supposed to be after five years; we are in the sixth year.”