Brand new song from Gospel act J.Clone titled ‘Dream On’. A heartfelt piece of art by Abuja based rapper and singer whose passionate about the state of the Nation, ‘Dream on’ calls out everyone who has ever dreamed of a better Nigeria to LIVE OUT THEIR DREAMS and also to never stop dreaming.
Produced by one of Abuja’s finest producers Haychbeatz, mixed/mastered by Emmykokz, the track also features vocals by Texx.
From politics, to security, to health, economy, education etc;
​​Nigeria in recent times have been lad​en with so much challenges to deal with.
Should we just seat and stare?
Should we join them if we can’t beat them?
Can we take a stand and be the change we’ve been clamoring for.
Yes we can!!!
It starts with you and I living out those dreams we’ve been nurturing and doing things the way it should be done wherever we find ourselves.
I dream/ believe/ see a better Nigeria, what do you dream/ believe/ see?