It is no longer news that Adekunle Gold and Simi were in love for many years before their secret relationship was exposed to the prying eyes of the media. Their love life of almost 5 years has been rumoured to be under siege by ‘Falz the Bahd Guy’, but the rapper has reacted to reports and allegations from fans that he is not in any form of ‘Love Triangle’ with the beautiful singer (Simi) and Adekunle Gold.
Although the rapper admits to be in a form of chemistry with Simi, he explained that it’s solely a professional relationship, one which doesn’t go beyond work.
In his recent interview with Dorcas Shola Fapson for the new episode of ‘The Juice’ which was released a few days ago, Falz said
 ‘Simi and I is just music. It’s musical chemistry, we get along so well,’ ‘There’s no triangle. She does have a boyfriend and it is not me.’
The rapper also didn’t answer to who Simi’s boyfriend is and didn’t confirm if t was Adekunle Gold either, he said:
‘I’m in no position to announce a matter that relates to her own relationship because it’s not my relationship. But I know that she do have somebody and it’s not me.’