Breasts is a topic people don’t easily get tired of; boys don’t have it but like it when they see it on a girl. Girls with small-sized bubs, sometimes want it bigger. The truth is that beauty doesn’t come in just one bra size. There are all sorts of female shapes and sizes in the world, and all are beautiful. 1. Men have breasts too This not a joke. Asides overweight men who retain fat in their chest area resulting in bubs, some men have breasts just like women. However, it is a rare condition known as gynecomastia, where the mammary glands are abnormally overgrown. Also all fetus is female at first which is why men have nipples. 2.There’s a woman in record history that has the largest bubs in the world Annie Hawkins is the woman known to have the largest pair of bubs in the world. According to the Guinness book of record, her breasts is rested on her 70 inch chest. Annie’s surfers from a condition known as gigantaomastia, which is slow but steady growth of bre@st and fat tissue. 3. Uneven breasts is normal Research says, having uneven breasts is completely normal. A lot of women have one bre@st slightly bigger or smaller than the other. It is not a problem and it’s quite common. 4. There are 5 types of nipples. Not all nipples are the same. They vary in shape and size and none is dependent on the size of the breasts. The popular types of nipples are: Normal, flat, puffy, short/long nipple, inverted nipple ( there are different kinds of inverted nipple). 5. Breasts can weigh about as much as three bricks Heavy load. According to research, breasts can weigh as much as nine kilograms which is why bras are specifically designed to support breasts within the range of 0.23 kilograms to 9 kilograms. Just imagine carrying three bricks around all day every day and then sleeping with them on your chest. 6. There is a degree called “bra studies” in china You can get a degree studying bras in china. The degree title is “bra studies” and just like every university degree, upon graduation there’s a certificate awarded in honour of your “education.”