Buhari Promises Stable Power If Elected

gistoven_buhari APC Presidential candidate Gen. Buhari, has made the usual Nigerian promise to ensure stable power supply for all and also expand Nigeria’s economy if the people elect him as the next president. Buhari said this at the Governmentt Secondary School in Calabar, Cross River State, while addressing a mammoth crowd on Wednesday Jan. 7th. Concerning power supply, he said;
‘The power sector would be stabilized in order to resuscitate dying industries in the country. “If you go down memory lane during the period of regional governments, the leaders then used to allocate 43 per cent of the budget to education and that is why their names will never be forgotten. We will try to secure our country; we will ensure industries are resuscitated. Our industries are dying and will continue to die unless we get the issue of power supply correct. We will resuscitate our industries.” he said

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