gistoven_nollywood vs bollywood India’s Acting High Commissioner in Nigeria Kaisar Alam, on Sunday, January 4, disclosed that the commission will facilitate collaboration between Nollywood and Bollywood, the film industries of Nigeria and India respectively. He said that the two countries’ film industries had a lot to contribute to eachother's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Stakeholders in the film industries from Bollywood and Nollywood could partner or exchange programmes that would yield mutual benefits and promote better understanding between the two countries. gistoven_bollywood According to him, "India is the second largest producer of films in the world, next only to Hollywood. Indian films are very popular in several countries like Russia, China, Indonesia; and even in Nigeria. India can use its more than 100 years of experience in Bollywood to assist Nigeria if the people in the industry can communicate exactly what they need to us. The people in the industry have to come forward to tell us exactly where they need assistance and in what form. The film industry contributes significantly to the GDP of India. I understand that Nollywood also contributes significantly to the GDP of Nigeria,” he said.